I completed my first design way back in 1986 when I was just 16. Now 49 I have, over those years, developed a deep understanding of interior architectural design in the round. A few years ago I made the move into the kitchen industry and brought the benefit of my years of experience to bear in the room, which for most, is the most important in the home.

Clients tell me I have a unique ability to understand their personal tastes and translate them into their perfect design. I am very proud to have helped a number of discerning clients to realise their dream spaces, and am passionate about what I do.

I have a very simple take on my work, everything must be thoroughly thought through and every scenario considered. It must not only be outstanding to the eye, but intuitively usable and functional.


With 20 years’ experience in the bathroom business, I’ve been around long enough to know the history and background of almost all of the potteries and brassware manufacturers as well as the people behind them. That historical relationship means I have an in-depth knowledge that goes way beyond what’s current, and also allows me to grasp new concepts as they develop, with an understanding of where most originate from.

Those 20 years have provided a technical insight that means that all Stonebridge suppliers have been chosen with considerable care, not just based on their quality, heritage and customer service, but the unsurpassed strength and reliability of all those unseen fittings you rely on every day. You’d be surprised how many luxury manufacturers tick the first three boxes, but fail badly when it comes to the reliability of the components you don’t see, but determine how much you will enjoy using your beautiful new bathroom.


Over the last thirty years whilst working in the kitchen and bathroom industry I’ve seen a lot of progression in design ideas and technologies. This means my installation team and I are constantly developing our skill set and techniques so that we are able to meet, or even exceed the high expectations of our designers and their clients.

Nothing makes me happier than a seamless installation, something we aspire to achieve on every project at Stonebridge.